Jump Mania – Teen Night

Saturday Night just got more awesome with Xtreme Teen Night.

Grab your friends and rock the courts all night for one low price. Xtreme Mania is 3 hours of amazing, active fun for kids ages 12 and up . Each jumper gets two slices of pizza, a drink and an awesome experience for one low price. Get happy, get jumping! Xtreme Jump, Xtreme Dodgeball, Obstacle Course, the Foam Zone and more are all there to get you flying, spinning and flipping out. This isn’t your typical night out, so get ready for an Xtreme Night !

Activities include: Dance Offs, Rap Battles, and Cash Giveaways!

Trampoline Safety Jump socks are required for all jumpers, they can be purchased at the park for $2.99 and may be reused.

Xtreme Jump also offers overnight Lock-Ins during school breaks and holidays. Don’t miss out!

Toddler Time

Bring Your Little Ones To Jump! (5 yrs and under)

All toddlers must wear Xtreme Jump Socks
An Xtreme Jump liability waiver must be signed by each parent or legal guardian.
Parents are able to walk the pads of the trampolines while their child jumps but are not permitted to jump with their child. Parents must also be wearing Xreme Jump socks to walk the pads.

We are still open to the general public during Toddler Time but make every effort to protect our toddlers by keeping older jumpers out of their special area (This promotion does not apply during school holidays)

Monday – Thursday
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Excluding Holidays

$8.00 Mommy or Daddy and Me.

Additonal Sibling or Parent

$5.00 each 

Bumper Cars

Step into the world of bumper cars, where the thrill of controlled chaos takes center stage.

Our bumper cars offer an exhilarating experience for all ages, as you navigate the arena with twists, turns, and unexpected collisions that add an extra dose of excitement to the ride. Feel the adrenaline as you strategically bump and dodge your way through the vibrant arena, creating unforgettable moments of laughter and fun. Whether you’re a child delighting in their first bumper car adventure or an adult seeking nostalgic joy, our bumper cars promise a ride like no other, making every collision a highlight of the unforgettable journey.

The Meltdown

The Meltdown is an 8-player ‘Total Wipe-out’ style action game that will challenge your stamina, agility and reactions. Not one, but TWO spinning arms will try to knock you off your podium! You will be required to either duck under or jump over the spinning foam arms to remain in the game. Will you make it as the last one standing? This game is fun for all ages so why not come down with your friends or family and have a go to see who will be crowned the MELTDOWN CHAMPION!

Rock Wall

Check out our indoor Rock Climbing Wall. With varying degrees of difficulty, climbers of all skill levels can enjoy the challenge of conquering our 20’ these walls!

Ropes Course

Ascend to new heights on our dynamic ropes course! Conquer thrilling challenges, navigate suspended bridges, and experience an adventure that combines excitement with a test of agility. Perfect for all skill levels, our ropes course promises an exhilarating and memorable journey above the ground.


Dive into a world of fun at our soft play zones designed for both adults and children. For the little ones, explore a vibrant wonderland of colorful tunnels and cushioned adventures, where their imaginations can run wild. Adults can relive the joy of play in our dedicated soft play area, designed to evoke nostalgia with thrilling entertainment. Our soft play zones offer an inclusive experience for all ages, ensuring laughter, smiles, and a sense of carefree enjoyment for everyone in the family.

Xtreme Dodgeball

Combine regular dodgeball with Xtreme Jump’s trampolines and get the world’s most awesome sport: Xtreme Dodgeball.

Court access is subject to availability. Ask about ultimate dodgeball availability before you purchase your ticket!
Reservations for groups of 15 or more are recommended. Dodgeball is not guaranteed.

Dodgeball Tournaments

  • Players are split into teams at the beginning of each night.
  • Matches are 3 minutes long.
  • If tied after 3 minutes there will be a single TIE-BREAKER game.
  • Double-Elimination Tournament open to all ages and skill-levels.
Tournament Rules


  • EACH team should begin the game with an even amount of balls and players.
  • NO HEADSHOTS, you will be called out.
  • HEAD SHOTS CLARIFICATION: HEAD SHOTS are shots directly to the FACE and or EARS. If an opposing player ducks into a throw and it hits them on the top of the head, or the back of the head the individual hit by the throw is OUT.
  • ONCE OUT you cannot reenter until the next game begins.
  • YOU ARE OUT if you are hit by a live ball, throw a live ball that is caught by an opposing player, cross the green center line, or throw a headshot.
  • YOU MAY block / deflect a ball with another ball, however if you drop the ball that you used to block with YOU ARE OUT.
  • When a dodgeball hits anything besides a person the ball is DEAD. THUS deflections OFF anything that is NOT HUMAN is a DEAD BALL. YOU MAY catch a ball that hits you or another player on your team rendering the opposing thrower OUT, but only if it is caught in the AIR.
  • NO holding a ball for longer than 10 seconds.
  • In the event of an injury, everyone must immediately stop
  • You may catch the ball with any body part (between legs included).
  • You may NOT GO PAST THE CENTER OF THE COURT; even to pick up a ball. YOU WILL BE CALLED OUT.
  • When you are out WALK OFF THE COURT with hands wrapped around your head covering your head and ears to avoid up close head shots.
  • NO kicking the dodgeball (or dodgeball would be spelled s-o-c-c-e-r).

No long-term commitment – just pay each Wednesday you play. Access to the rest of the park when not playing!