Xtreme Jump San Benito

Lock-In Party


For all lock-ins, by entering the park, you agree that in addition to the rules of Xtreme Jump Adventure Park, the following rules also are in effect:

  • Anyone attending the lock-in must have a waiver signed in order to purchase tickets. There are no exceptions. Click here to download the waiver to sign.
  • Once you are dropped off, you cannot leave the park unless a parent/ guardian comes to pick you up.
  • If you choose to sleep, no blankets can be shared.
  • One pizza meal & drink will be provided.
  • No outside drinks are allowed! No exceptions!!
  • To provide a safe lock-in environment, no backpacks allowed. Any form of paraphernalia including but not limited to alcohol, tobacco, weapons etc. is not allowed in the park. Any person found to be in possession of the following will be removed from the park with no refund!
  • The park will have plenty of court monitors on duty. Failure to follow instructions of any court monitor or staff member may result in injury to you or others and may also lead to your removal from the park with no refund!
View Our No Refund Policy

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Tickets purchased in-store and online are non-refundable. Tickets purchased online are for a particular date and time. No refunds, transaction cancellations or exchanges will be issued for date/time changes. Activities should be purchased in increments that will be used in one session, as no refunds will be issued if a person is unable to use all of their activity time. If management revokes a wristband during their session due to non-compliance of our trampoline park polices and rules, NO REFUNDS will be given.

If you cancel the party with less than a 72 hour notice, we will work with you to find another date and time to host your party or you will forfeit the full deposit and any other balance applied. If you choose to reschedule your party and cancel at a later date you will forfeit the full deposit. Deposits are applied to the remaining balance at the end of the party.
Weather: If acts of God or Weather cause the facility to close, your party will be re-scheduled. No refunds will be given due to weather or acts of God.